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Church of John the Baptist

Церковь Иоанна Предтечи Белозерск
Church of John the Baptist

In 1810, the Church of St. John the Baptist was built at the expense of a wealthy parishioner, merchant I.I. Gorin. Studies conducted in the 70-80-ies of the XX century showed that the temple was built according to the project of the outstanding Russian architect V.I. Bazhenov.
The building is designed in the style of mature classicism, some of its elements are of an early classical character. The temple itself is a large two–tiered rotunda, two side chapels adjoin on the sides, an altar on the east, and an extensive refectory on the west. The three-tiered bell tower envisaged by the project was not built. The upper tier of the rotunda – a powerful drum with large three—part "Italian" windows - is crowned by a dome, above it a light "lantern" with a round head turning into a spire. The original feature of the composition is the roundness of all its parts, the softness and smoothness of the forms of the altar, the roundest temple with oval side chapels on the sides and the refectory. The decoration of the facades is given grandeur by four-column porticos decorating the side chapels and refectory.
In the early 30s of the XX century. the upper part of the main volume of the building was dismantled, building a wooden ceiling instead, apparently at the same time additional walls were erected between the chapel and the refectory. In the post-war years, various partitions were installed inside, a number of door and window openings were expanded, two extensions were made outside.
The interior has preserved wall paintings.
The monument needs urgent restoration.

Макет храма Иоанна Предтечи в экспозиции «Белозерск исторический» (ул.Фрунзе, 28)
The layout of the Church of John the Baptist in the exhibition "Belozersk historical" (Frunze str., 28)

In 2016 , the church was transferred to the Cherepovets diocese (Decree No. 129 "On the formation of the Local religious organization Orthodox Parish of the Church of the Holy Prophet John the Baptist in Belozersk").