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Belozersky Regional Museum of Local Lore
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Merchant Kaparulin’s House, 1st half of 19th century

Stated-financed cultural establishment Belozersk Regional Museum of Local Lore

70, Sovetsky Prospekt, Belozersk

Phone: 2-2-28-97

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советский 70

Merchant Kaparulin’s house, early 19th century, cultural property of regional significance

Information on cultural property of regional significance

Security category:

House 70 (merchant Kaparulin’s house) is a cultural property of regional significance (Resolution of the Governor of the Vologda Region No. 45 dated 24.01.1994)

Brief historical background:

It is a two-storeyed brick building with its main façade facing the Sovetsky Prospekt frontage line. It is a rectangular building in plan elongated on the north-south axis. Originally, it included two southern transverse parts shown in the layout. The rest of the house was built later.

This building is a typical Empire-style house which attracts tourists attention due to its huge size and well-designed elements. The front façade is the risalit with flat vertical corbels. Its cornice has larger dentils compared to dentils of other parts of the building. Rectangular niches with round medallions embedded into walls are located between windows of the first and second floor of the risalit. Window openings of flank fronts and side parts of the main façade are in rectangular niches with fielded panels above them. Windows of the second floor are larger in size and their fielded panels have plastic design.

The followings works were carried out: restoration of external water supply and sewage lines, cleaning and painting of facades, restoration of entrance canopy, cobblestone pavement, repair and painting of fence posts, installation of gates, decoration works in sanitary facilities, installation of washeries, toilet pans, missing elements of rainwater pipes.


Construction Management Company No. 209, 3, Sammera street, Vologda