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Belozersky Regional Museum of Local Lore
г. Ханты-Мансийск, ул. Академика Королева, д. 71
График работы:
с 9:00 до 18:00
без обеда и выходных
+7 (81756) 2-28-97 заказ экскурсий

«Moscow Property Treasure House »

You can leave a request by phone
+7 991 474 58 08

«Moscow Property Treasure House »

Квест - игра «Сокровищница московской казны»

Belozersk is a centuries-old town located on the shore of White Lake. The town was keeping many secrets of dukes from Moscow in the past. Some centuries ago, a Society of Keepers was established to protect treasuries belonged to Moscow dukes and keep such secrets. Visitors will have a rare chance to contend for the position of such Keeper. For this reason, they will have to undergo a lot of interesting tests getting familiar with the history of the town at the same time.

Duration: 1 hour

Season: all year round



Pensioners, students


400 RUB

300 RUB

300 RUB

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