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The History of Belozersk Museum



The History of Belozersk Museum

Belozersk is one the most ancient towns in the Russian North. Visitors may get familiar with its past by having a look at the History of Belozersk exposition (2012) at the Belozersk Regional Museum of Local Lore. This exposition is hosted in the elementary school building (19th century). While visiting the museum, you will travel many centuries back, to the Paleolithic era.

The first hall of the exposition

In the first hall you will know about cultural and historical development of mankind up to the Middle Ages. Ceramics, hunting and fishing instruments, stone carving and wood processing facilities are exhibited here. The majority of showpieces belong to the Stone and Bronze Ages. Visitors will see such extremely popular objects as a ritual axe, anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures, amulets, hold fragments of ceramics and tools in their hands found during archaeological digging up, imagine they were hunters of the Mesolithic era arming by a bow and fairy stone arrows.

At the archaeological site

Here you may try to lit the fire and take part in archaeological digs to find and get objects being several thousand years old. All these activities will be added by a story of an archeologist during the Travelling with an "Archeologist tour."

Section "Ancient Belozerye"

The second hall is dedicated to the Middle Age period of Belozeriye. Here visitors will know about milestones of the town of Beloozero. Historical facts, scientific hypotheses, legends and fables will tell you about the life of the town and its role in the history of the Russian state. The hall exhibits archaeological materials and collections of items found near the Sheksna river head where the town of Beloozero was located up to the 14th century.

Meeting with the duke's vigilante

During the tour you will meet a neighbourhood guard man of Duke of Belozersk Fyodor mustering the trainband to fight with enemies at the Kulikovo Field. He will tell you about armor suits and arms of warriors of the 12th – 14th centuries.

Layout of the Belozersky Kremlin

The Belozersk Kremlin model is located in the center of the hall representing a fortress of the second half of the 15th century. All detailed information on the history of this fortress and associated stories and legends will be provided during the dedicated tour called The Belozersk Fortress.

Models of temples

Here you will also see models of 17 churches which were located in the town in the early 20th century. You will know about their history by visiting the Stone Chronicle of Belozersk tour.

The third hall of the exposition

The third hall exhibits pieces of furniture and interior items (19th – early 20th centuries), monetary objects (18th – early 20th centuries), personal property of merchants and bourgeois living in the town. You will know names of famous merchants who lived in Belozersk.

Here you can put on clothes of the 19th century and take a picture among objects typical for that period.

Section "Navigation and fishing on the White Lake"

On July 5, 2013 the Shipping and Fishing at White Lake hall was opened. This exposition tells about the shipping process, history and functions of the Mariinsk Canal System and Volga-Baltic Waterway, Cherepovets Waterways and Shipping (which maintains a part of the Volga-Baltic Waterway), Belozersk Port. You will know about the fishing industry at White Lake. In this hall, visitors will learn how to tie knots, chart a course, stand abaft the wheel in a boat cabin.

Section "XX century through the eyes of residents of the city of Belozersk"

The 20th Century As Seen by People Living in Belozersk hall will tell you about the revolutionary events, collectivization, industrial and agricultural development, manufacturing plants of the area. Here you will also know about the history of educational and cultural institutions, activities of pioneers and young communists.

Hall of Military Glory

The Military Glory Hall will tell you about participation of people of Belozersk in the Battle of Kulikovo,  War of 1812, First World War, Great Patriotic War, wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya. Light and sound effects are used during the tour. You will be able to wear medieval suits of armor, try to assemble and disassemble the Kalashnikov automatic rifle.

This historical exposition has interactive facilities which allow visitors to literally touch all antique things.

Buying a ticket to the museum of history will allow you to visit it using an audio guide. Information on 40 exhibits is published on the Artefact platform.